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Professional and Experienced Roofing Contractors in Central Valley

The Castone Way | Castone Roofing and Construction

We have a team of only professional and experienced roofers that can install or fit new roofs, give periodic maintenance and make any kind of repair in the Fresno, CA area.

We are able to tackle any residential or commercial roofing task or project from flat roofing to guttering replacements, from full roof installations using slate, tile, asphalt and rubber (single ply) to fiberglass. In short, we can manage any roofing project regardless of size or complexity. We are dedicated to doing the job the right way.

Home Repairs

Donít settle for less than you deserve; your home in Fresno and Clovis, CA deserves to feel and look like new and you deserve to be safe and comfortable in it. We have years of experience in everything from drywall repair, roofing, painting and flooring, to electrical, plumbing, and more.

Home Restoration

Old, classic houses in Fresno and Clovis, CA can look beautiful and classy but they may need extensive work to be restored to their original state. We understand the immediacy of your situation and we can handle every project we are assigned. We are committed to quick solutions so your home is back to its original state in no time. Leave your home restoration project to the professionals and see how your house returns to its original glory.